Our gates open at 7:00am and close at 9:00pm year-round.

NOTE:  GATE CODES WILL CHANGE AGAIN JANUARY 2 OR 3RD, 2023.  Gate codes are available now.

Please send an email requesting new codes on or after that date!  Send your request to: office@casadelsolcondos.com OR call 602-686-3181

Please have your garage door opener (which also opens the gates if you have our issued ones) with you before and after those times. We encourage the use of the gate remote openers!

Over time, the LiftMaster Garage Door Openers that work with our gates cease to operate effectively for a number of reasons, the least of which is that they just wear out. If they cease to work, replace the batteries first!

Order Controller: 2 button controller compatible with LiftMaster Operators, Liftmaster 892LM is the preferred model

If you have a new controller(s), the controller MUST be programmed for both the gate and/or your garage door opener!!! We can offer pre-programmed new controllers for the gate and then you will need to program or hire a professional to program the controller for your garage door.  We do not offer programming help for controllers for personal garage door openers.

You can obtain these pre-programmed controllers for the gate from the Association Manager for $55.00.  We normally have them in stock for immediate pick-up.  Call 602-686-3181

Call or better yet, text Ben Heritage at 727-597-2178 to do your remote programming.  If you leave your name and phone number, he will call or text you back to set an appointment.  He is our designated representative for all gate programming.  You can also email him for a response to:


He charges $50.00 cash to meet you at the property and do the programming.  For each additional remote he adds $20.00 if all are done at the same time.  He will give you a receipt at the time if you want one.

Call any vendor you like to program your garage door code for you.  There are good instructions with any new controllers (remotes) in the package if you wish to try programming it yourself.  You can also hire Ben Heritage if he is willing....

OWNERS:  There are gate access codes that can be obtained by Owners or their Property Manager (no tenants, please) sending an email request to our Casa Del Sol email address. 

>> These codes change each yearly calendar period.  The changes will occur Jan. 2nd or 3rd, 2020.  You MUST send a email request EACH TIME if you want to receive the latest codes for our gates.    Send to:  Office@casadelsolcondos.com

You can give these codes to your Property Manager and/or Tenants, but please tell them how important it is to limit who knows these codes!  There is an issue with Security always!