Association Contact, Financial / Payable Processing, Dues Receivables, Code Enforcement, Vendor/Supplier/Contractor Contact Manager

Repairs and Maintenance

Common Area / Facility Maintenance, Emergency Reporting and Crisis Repairs, Parking Permits and Enforcement

Shanon K is our property manager


Phone:  602-686-3181

For your Unit:

Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Remodeling, Etc. - Contact Local contractors of your choice.

Gate Remote (Purchase or programming) - Remember, only certain remotes will work with our gates! For purchases of new remote, call or text Ben Heritage at 727-597-2178 to do your remote programming.  He will call you back to set an appointment.  He is our designated representative for all gate programming.

He charges $50.00 cash to meet you at the property and do the programming.  For each additional remote he adds $20.00 if all done at the same time.  He will give you a receipt at the time if you want one.