Management Company

Association Contact, Financial / Payable Processing, Dues Receivables, Code Enforcement, Vendor/Supplier/Contractor Contact Manager

Jim Thorne, SRM Real Estate & Management, Inc.

His Company is the Manager under contract for the Casa Del Sol Condominium Association.


Phone:  928-300-2127

Repairs and Maintenance

Common Area / Facility Maintenance, Emergency Reporting and Crisis Repairs, Parking Permits and Enforcement

Jim Thorne

Phone: 928-300-2127


For your Unit:

Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Remodeling, Etc. - Contact Local contractors of your choice.

Gate Remote Programming -  Either purchase from our supply (call Jim Thorne, above) or contact Yavapai Fence, Ben Heritage to do your remote programming.  928-634-4950 for any and all programming duties.  Your expense.