Because we have such limited parking on this site, it is good to go over the parking rules with you. We will enforce these rules, which if violated, may lead to towing a vehicle or fines.

1) VISITOR PARKING SPOTS – These spots may be used ONLY by visitors or guests of a resident, NEVER for residents' cars. These parking spots may only be used once, for no longer than a 24-hour period. For longer stays but no more than 7 consecutive days or more than 14 days per calendar year, a Parking Permit is REQUIRED in advance. Additional parking is available for now on the vacant a lot that belongs to the Journey Church, on Northside of Mingus, next to Casa Del Sol, north. 

2) RED CURB FIRE LANES – These areas, clearly marked, MUST BE CLEAR AT ALL TIMES, per City Fire Code. Any time you park on a red curb, this vehicle WILL BE TOWED without notice. This will cause great inconvenience and expense.

3) GARAGES Each resident is allocated 1 car spot in their garage, and 1 car spot directly in front of their garage. At no time is parking 2 cars in front of the garage allowed. This blocks others from accessing their assigned parking spots or their garage. No parking in front of other unit's garages without prior written permission from that unit's Owner and filed with the Board of Directors of the Association PRIOR to the start date for allowing the parking.

Garage doors must be kept closed unless entering or exiting with a vehicle or adding or removing items stored in the garage, and then only for limited periods of time.  Leaving a garage door open for extended times with no activity is a violation.

Please be considerate to others and always have everyone in your household, your visitors and guests observe these rules while on our property. We do appreciate it!

See the "Rules in Red" further down this page......


Adopted by the Board of Directors on 11/8/2010

Effective Date: 12/1/2010                               Policy Manual Addition/Addendum

In an effort to clarify who can and cannot use the “Visitor Parking” spaces on the property, the Board of Directors has defined the following terms and limitations:

“RESIDENT” - An Owner or an approved Tenant or Occupant of that Owner. A Resident may have up to TWO (2) cars on the property at any time - 1 in an closed garage and 1 immediately parked in front of that garage No parking in front of another unit’s garage without specific, written authorization by that unit’s Owner, files in advance of the parking start date with the Board of Directors.

“VISITOR” - A friend, relative, acquaintance, or vendor/contractor that visits on a random, non-reoccurring visit of not more than SEVEN (7) consecutive days nor more than FOURTEEN (14) days per calendar year. One vehicle is permitted at any time without getting a Parking Permit in advance. A Parking Permit IS required to park on the property more than ONE (1) day. If the visitor does not want to obtain a parking permit and is planning to “visit” the Resident over a period of more than one day, OFFSITE parking will have to be arranged for the vehicle.

“GUEST” - A friend, relative or acquaintance of a Resident that visits more often than the 7 consecutive days or more than 14 days per calendar year (a “visitor”) and parks a vehicle on the property. This will require prior permission by the Board, and will have rules and restrictions governing the visits. A Parking Permit IS required for this permission to be granted. The monthly rate of $100 per calendar month with no pro-ration for partial months.  OFFSITE parking is always encouraged if Guest visits are too often. Guest Parking Permits are subject to non-renewal if violations occur.

 >> To obtain Parking Permits, call Susan Quitt at (1) 541-941-7829 <<

Parking Permits can be revoked at any time by the Board of Directors if violations occur! We have very limited parking for visitors to the property. These spaces will be patrolled frequently and citations will be set on the vehicle if there is a violation. Parking is in “Visitor Parking” spaces ONLY. Parking in red curb “Fire Lanes” will be subject to immediate TOWING of the vehicle at owner’s expense WITHOUT WARNING! After TWO (2) citations are issued, the vehicle is subject to being towed at owner’s expense and/or the Unit Owner will be subject to fines and other sanctions as set forth by the Board.

These policies are subject to change over time as approved and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association.

Parking within the Condominium complex is limited to two spaces for each unit.

Further, in accordance with Section 3.26 of the Condominium “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements for Casa Del Sol Condominiums”, the following is provided for your information:

3.26. Motor Vehicles. “ … Street parking is restricted to approved deliveries, pickup, or short-term guests or invitees and then only if permitted by law.”

The Rules and Regulations of the Condominium state:

“Parking" – Only vehicles allowed by the Declaration and owned by an owner or Occupant may be parked on the property. Vehicles shall only park in designated parking spaces. The parking areas of the Condominium shall be used in accordance with such regulations pertaining thereto as shall be adopted from time to time by the Board. No vehicle belonging to any Owner or Occupant shall be parked in any unauthorized area or in such manner as to impede or prevent access to another parking space or any fire lane.


a. Never may a resident or tenant park in any "visitor parking" space, not even for a minute. You are not a visitor!

b. No overnight parking EVER in a "visitor parking" space without a prior authorized permit (available from Susan Quitt at (1) 541-941-7829). Hours are posted on each sign.

c. No parking EVER in front of someone else’s garage unless you have the owner’s prior written consent and it is filed with Jim Thorne, Manager.  File the written authorization by email to or mail it to: P.O. Box 430, Cottonwood, AZ  86326

d. Parking is allowed in front of your garage, but only 1 deep. Any visitors or guests staying with you, longer than a few hours, will either have to obtain permits or park off-site. There are limitations for parking big trucks and other oversized vehicles.

e.  No Parking EVER on a red curb!  This is a designated Fire Lane and if you park there, you will be towed off WITHOUT ANY NOTICE.

Vehicles improperly parked are subject to being towed away at the applicable Owner’s or Occupant’s sole expense. No repairs to vehicles shall occur within the Condominium common areas.  No ABANDONED Vehicles may be left on the property, outside a closed garage, without moving every 5 calendar days.

We cite these statements to remind you that parking in the “street areas” is prohibited, and while this may result in a difficulty for you as to finding a parking place for your extra vehicles, the responsibility to do so is yours, even off the property!

Certain vehicle restrictions apply also, such as works trucks exceeding 20 ft. in length, overly large or high trucks (such as boom trucks) or any vehicle, when properly parked, excludes the use or inhibits the safe use of other unit's parking.

Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated. Thank you.

For clarity about these rule contact are Property Manager at 602-686-3181