The Board maintains a pet policy within the scope of the CC&R's as follows:

A Resident (Owner, Tenant, Occupant) is subject to the following rules:

1.  Item 3.12 of the CC&R's state "No owner shall raise, breed or keep any animal in any Unit unless permitted by the Rules and regulations of the Board" and " no event shall the Association adopt any Rules and Regulations permitting any animals to be kept in a Unit or on the Common Elements other than TWO (2) of the following: small dog or cat; small bird in a cage; small fish tank; or an AUTHORIZED assistive animal.  The Board has defined these as---

   a. a small dog or cat defined: (dog must be under 25 lbs.) or any variation or number of dogs must obtain prior HOA authorization in writing!

   b. a fish tank not to exceed 20 gallons, and 1 only

Owners are ultimately responsible for all actions of their Tenants, Occupants, and Guests who might have an animal of any kind on the premises.  All pet owners MUST clean up any pet feces IMMEDIATELY and dispose of them in the proper way.  A violation of this rule carries an immediate $100 fine per occuranceDogs must be on a leash and cats must be controlled outdoors at all times. 

All animals (dogs, cats, etc.) that require licensing and current vaccinations by the City or County must have them current and on the pet while residing on the property and the pet(s) are outdoors.

A dog over 25 lbs., or more than 3 animals present in a unit is a violation of the CC&R's and an owner is subject to fines, sanctions, loss of common area rights, and legal action.

The Association has DOG PARKS on sites on either side of Mingus Avenue Complex.  

These parks are for the use by our residents to "walk your dog or cat" for their relief.  Please use the bags supplied at each location to pick up and clean up your pet's waste and dispose of these bags properly!

For more information contact our Manager at 602-686-3181