Your 2019 COUPON BOOKS have been sent out to use with your 2019 payments.  If you do not get a book and want one, please send an email to our email address with your name and current address and phone number.

DO NOT REQUEST A COUPON BOOK IF YOU HAVE YOUR CHECKS ARE SENT BY A BANK (AUTOPAY or BILLPAY) DIRECTLY!!!  We have limited books and may not have one for you is we have determined that you pay with an bill pay or autopay check!

Remember, the coupons issued with each payment ask you to check mark you address on the coup and fill in your unit number.  Why?

We have 5 buildings on at 985 Mingus and 950 Mingus that HAVE THE SAME UNIT NUMBERS!  If you just put "312" on the coupon, that could be 1 of 2 locations!