To Our New Owners:   WELCOME to Casa Del Sol Condo Association.  We thought it would be helpful to give you some needed information right away.

Parking: In addition to your garage parking, you may park one more allowed vehicle in front of your garage door. This second vehicle must not block access to other garages. No service trucks or extra long/tall vehicles may be parked on the property. Currently, the Journey Church has agreed to allow some owners to park on their vacant property at Casa Del Sol, Northside. This may change in the future as the church may be expanding. 

An Owner or their Resident/Tenant in their Unit may NEVER park in a Guest Parking spot, even for a short time. You may not allow another Unit’s vehicle to park in front of your garage without first giving written permission filed with the Property Manager. If you have a guest staying overnight, overnight parking permits may be obtained in advance by calling Susan Quitt at (1) 541-941-7829 if parking spots are  is available.

Gate Access: Our security gates are for the protection of our residents and they close automatically around 9:00pm every evening and automatically open early each morning. They remain open all day. YOU SHOULD HAVE at least one “two-button” garage door opener transferred with your Unit. We believe you should have at least two. Here’s why. The one button opens the garage door while the other button open the gate. We have gate codes issued, and the rules are stated at the end of this segment. Check to make sure they have new batteries, and if you need more, a garage door company usually has these in stock 

The Board issues new Gate Codes Annually (Jan. 3rd of that year).  For an OWNER or their Property Manager (never a tenant!) to obtain the latest codes, the Owner or Property Manager MUST send a written request by Email to no earlier than the beginning date of each annual period (Jan. 3rd)  

For more information, contact our Manager at 602-686-3181

We do not save early requests.  You will then be issued a Word-formated document (.doc) flyer with the new gate codes.  Please realize that giving out gate codes can allow anybody to access the property and these can become a security issue quickly!  We recommend you allow access to your Resident/Tenant by means of Gate/Garage controllers that you issue to them when they acquire a right to your unit! If you supply gate codes to them, please make them aware not give them out to others! If you want your guests to find you while at the gate, we need to program into the gate codes one phone number that you might answer all the time. When your guest arrives, have them search your name in the gate code roster and then call you from the gate. If you want to allow them access, push the “9” key on your phone to open the gate.

Trash Receptacles: Each complex has trash dumpsters for your use. Here are a few simple rules to their use. Please make sure ALL your trash goes IN the dumpster. If any is not deposited in, then please clean up ALL that escapes! Please close all lids when completed, and close the gate in the manner that keeps them from blowing open. DO NOT dump furniture, bedding, metal, single wood pieces longer than will fit completely in the dumpster, DO NOT put paint cans or containers in a dumpster unless they are completely empty and dry, or dispose of anything considered toxic or harmful to our environment. If you need assistance in disposing of something, call 928-300-2127 for advice or referral.

Garage Doors: All garage doors should remain closed when the garage is not in use.  No Exceptions.  Leaving garage doors open when not in use can result in a fine to the Owner.

Pool / Spa and Health Club Facilities: Our pool and spa are generally open during reasonable hours from Mid-April  through Mid-October. They close down for the winter months. We have strict rules posted for their use and these rules are closely enforced. If you need more information or have questions, please call 928-300-2127. Our Health Club exercise room is open year-round, 24 hours per day and is climate-controlled for your convenience. There are bathrooms in the area between the pool and health club for your convenience. Please help us keep these clean! Your key to the pool area also opens the health club door. 

Lost/Replacement Pool/Health Club Key. If you lose your key, you need to certify in writing that you have lost it and email that certification to, and a replacement is available for $55.00 by calling 602-686-3181 once that certified statement of loss is received. While in the health club, please clean up all trash that you might have, do not move equipment, pads, etc., and please report any malfunctions immediately.

Electric Power Must remain On Year-Round:  Electricity to you Unit must remain on at all times, even when you are away or your Unit is vacant.  Building lighting, security and heat can be affected when you do not have power on. According to the C,C&R's, this is a must (4.2.2 & 4.2.3, pages 25 & 26)  During winter months, even if you are not in residence, heat must be maintained at 55 degrees to prevent water pipes and fire suppression piping to prevent freezing, which requires electricity to remain on in your unit and your thermostat to be set at a minimum of 55 degrees.

Security and Maintenance: You are our greatest asset for reporting what is going on with the property! If you see a water line break or excessive water running to a planting or area, report it! You are paying for that water misuse with your dues! If you hear excessively loud noise during our quiet hours (10pm to 7am), barking dogs, stomping around, loud music, loud parties or other nuisance items, report it! If you see people on the property not picking up excrement after their pets, doing things at the pool that are not allowed (drinking, glass containers, food, etc.), dumping trash illegally, damaging common elements we all enjoy (and pay for!), parking incorrectly, etc., report it! If we all help with eyes and ears on the property, we all benefit. Report anything that you think wrong by: reporting it to a Board Member or the Association property manager at 602-686-3181. Together, we make this a great place to live. 

COA Dues: Your annual dues help pay for all these advantages we enjoy. The dues are annually assessed in January, but are payable monthly with our coupon system. Your dues are due the 1st day of each month with a coupon or alternatively your unit address and Unit # written on the check, then mailed to our address (P.O. Box 430, Cottonwood, AZ  86326) in time for the 1st day of each month. Please note ash coupon books are no longer available. Payments received after the 15th of each month will incur a late penalty interest charge.

Please make all dues and payments payable to: Casa Del Sol Condo Association. 

When you first purchase, and if you don’t receive copies of these documents from your Title/Escrow Company, then write us and request copies of these two documents. We will supply a digital copy to print out and keep with your ownership papers. 

We also ask that if you are renting your property, you give complete sets of The CC&R's and Rules forms, and any later amendments that are sent to you, to all Tenants with your lease. If you are using a Property Manager, please make sure they get complete copies of these important documents and give them instructions to make sure all future tenants receive a copy. ALL Leases should require wording that makes all tenant’s responsible for enforcement of all rules and covenants and policies  for all parties residing on the property. 


For more information, contact our Property Manager at 602-686-3181

 We are responsible for working ONLY with a condo Owner or property manager, never your renters or occupants. If a fine is levied, it will go to you, the Owner, no matter who caused the fine to be issued. In a violation incident, we will always contact you, the Owner, or your Property Manager if you so direct us in writing.

Short-Term VBRO/Airbnb vacation-style rentals: No owner, tenant or occupant shall rent their unit or room as a short-term rental for less than 30 days. VBRO and Airbnb type of rentals are highly discouraged and stiff fines will be levied on owners for guests who violate noise, parking and pool rules. 

We sincerely hope this summary is helpful. If you did not get copies of our CC&R's or Rules when you complete your purchase, please call the number below. There is more information always available by calling:

Call Shanon K. at 602-686-3181 to learn more.