The Pool and Spa and Health Club are ONLY for the exclusive use of Owners, Residents and Tenants.  Guests of an Owner must be accompanied by that Owner at all times while using the pool, spa, or exercise room or any common facilities on site.  Guests may NOT be left alone at the facilities.


Once an Owner registers their occupant(s) residing in their unit, or their Tenant(s) residing in their unit (living in their unit), the Owners transfer their rights and forfeit any further personal useOwner MUST always register their Residents/Tenants (any time you allow someone to occupy your unit or you rent your unit to anyone) with our Manager and in doing so, transfers their rights of use to their Resident(s) or Tenant(s). 

We have a registration form for you to use. 

Please contact Jim Thorne at 928-300-2127 or if you need one.


The Pool/Spa area is generally open for a six month period over the summer months from April to October each year, and closed for the winter.  The dates for this schedule are dependent on the weather in the spring and fall.  When the Pool is declared open for the season, here are the rules that will be enforced:

Pool hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. dailyAnyone caught using the pool before or after posted hours, or jumping the fence at any time, will lose all exercise room and pool/spa privileges for the remainder of the year!  If you are a tenant, the Owner will receive a fine also!

Each unit will be allowed to have a maximum of two (2) guests at any given time. Guests (non-residents) MUST be accompanied by an Owner or registered Resident of the Unit at the complex at all times!

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult owner/resident who can swim and is at least 18 years old. Children MUST be accompanied by an Owner or registered Resident of the Unit at the complex at all times!   NO ONE
under the age of 14 may use or be in the Hot Tub/Spa at any time.



Please read all pool signs carefully. They are designed to provide instructions to ensure your safety while at the pool.  Violations of the rules on the signs will lose their privileges to use these facilities!

One pool key per unit will be issued and assigned to the Unit. There is a $45.00 replacement cost for lost keys. Contact Jim at 300-2127 if you need a replacement assigned key for your unit.

Footwear:   NO FOOTWEAR IS ALLOWED TO BE WORN IN THE POOL AREA.  Please remove all footwear (sandals, flip flops, shoes, etc.) and store them while in the pool/spa area.  They leave marks on the pool deck that are hard to remove.  Please help us keep the deck clean by removing your shoes as soon as possible when entering the pool area.  We know it can get hot!  Don't burn your feet.

Food and Beverages:   No food OF ANY KIND is allowed at the pool and in the pool area!    
Non-alcoholic beverages only are allowed.  Glass containers of any kind are NOT are permitted in the pool area.

Pets and Animals:  No pet or animal may enter the pool area at any time.

Violation of any pool rules and regulations can result in the loss of pool privileges and/or cause an Owner Violation and potential fine!

Adults: Please stay with your children at all times. Watch your children around water!  We want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe pool season!